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  1. What is RosterZ™?
    1. RosterZ™ Hockey is a free and easy facebook application that enables ice hockey players to find more ice time and game managers to find more skaters. RosterZ includes the world's most complete database of ice hockey rinks, rink maps and driving directions. You can use RosterZ to schedule, find, join and manage pick-up games, practices and league games.

  2. What does RosterZ cost?
    1. RosterZ.com is free.
    2. Seriously?
    3. Yes, seriously, it's FREE. RosterZ is committed to the welfare and growth of the great sports of ice hockey as well as recreational ice skating by getting more people onto the ice. At RosterZ, we want to make it easier for skaters of ice hockey players and figure skaters every level to get on the ice more often.

  3. I play hockey. Why should I use RosterZ?
    1. RosterZ makes it easier for skaters to find ice time and join pick-up games. By using RosterZ, a player can decide whether or not to join a pick-up game before driving to the rink. By using RosterZ, a player can select which pick-up game to attend and avoid showing up and shooting at plywood. Never again arrive only to learn that the rink's refrigeration system is broken and that the game is cancelled.

  4. I manage a pick-up ice hockey game or rink. Why should I use RosterZ?
    1. RosterZ makes it easy to find skaters for your game by making your ice time visible to hundreds of millions of people who use Facebook.
    2. By using RosterZ to manage your pick-up hockey game or league game, a skate manager can increase participation by enabling players sign-up online, in advance. The more players who sign-up in advance, the more players who will see that you have a well attended game and want to join. Think of it as a "participation snowball effect."
    3. RosterZ helps you to manage the game if too many players want to join by enabling you to set a maximum number of players for each game. RosterZ then automates the process of deciding who plays, according to your cut-off number.
    4. The RosterZ seniority system will give first priority to regular players over new or occasional players by tracking the number of games played. The more often a player skates, the higher the player's seniority ranking. The players with the most games played will make the cut according to the maximum number of players you allow for each game. This system gives seniority to the regulars who have been skating together and passing the puck for a while.
    5. RosterZ will also enable the game manager to penalize those who sign-up but do not show-up or those who fail to pay by allowing the game manager to debit the player's seniority ranking for that specific game.

  5. I own or manage an ice rink. Why should I use RosterZ?
    1. By using RosterZ to manage pick-up hockey games, rinks can increase participation and revenue by making it easier for area players to find and join games at your rink.
    2. RosterZ automates the process of determining who gets to skate. If too many players want to skate, a rink can use RosterZ to manage and communicate the maximum or the minimum number of players who will be allowed to skate. In turn, this method encourages more players to join a game in advance. The result is more predictable participation levels and cash flow.
    3. The RosterZ seniority system lets you give first priority to regular players over new or occasional players. The more often a player skates, the higher the player's seniority ranking. The players with the most games played will make the cut according to the maximum number of players you allow for each game. When you have a group of regulars who like to skate together and pass the puck well, you create more predictable cash flows and more profitable pick-up games.
    4. RosterZ will allow the rink's manager to reward dependable players who skate and penalize those who do not show-up or those who fail to pay by lowering the player's seniority, giving priority to more reliable and honorable players. Furthermore, the rink manager can choose to charge walk-ins a higher fee than those who register in advance, again, encouraging more skaters to join in advance.

  6. Why should my ice hockey team use RosterZ to manage participation?
    1. RosterZ helps team managers know precisely how many players are skating or who is playing in a game, before showing up at the rink. This enables the team manager to make a few calls if a goalie or another skater (or even a ringer) is needed. Each RosterZ game has both a dedicated notes box for the team manager to leave notes for the team while The Board allows players to talk strategy or smack.

  7. I work for the local parks and recreation department responsible for municipal rinks. Why should my department use RosterZ?
    1. RosterZ helps municipalities to increase participation by providing a simple, easily accessible way to locate rinks and ice times.
    2. Additionally, RosterZ helps to manage the allocation of ice time by providing a transparent and equitable ice time registration system. With RosterZ, local governments and oversight departments can see who is skating, where and when, to make sure that ice time has been fairly allocated.
    3. RosterZ helps municipal rinks to maximize their capacity utilization by providing a way for rinks to publicize available ice time and events. By using RosterZ, rinks are able to forecast and calculate demand.
    4. RosterZ enables municipal rinks to optimize resources and revenue. With RosterZ rinks can offer extended hours on demand. Through online participation management, rinks can offer earlier morning games and later evening games if and only if enough skaters have signed-up. Extended profitable rink hours will increase public participation, increase community satisfaction with public services and will also make extra hours available for the staff that work the rinks.

  8. How many ice hockey rinks are available in RosterZ?
    1. RosterZ offers the most complete database of ice rinks in the history of western civilization, listing ice rinks in more than one hundred countries across the globe. The number changes all the time as new rinks are under construction in dozens of countries. If you would like to update the information on a particular ice rink or even submit a photograph of your home rink, send us a support ticket.
    2. While RosterZ does not include a comprehensive list of inline and roller hockey arenas, we are happy to add roller hockey arenas and ball hockey rinks upon request for groups that wish to use RosterZ. RosterZ will also add speed skating ovals. Simply send us a support ticket.
    3. The RosterZ rink database is supported and updated by the global community of skaters. To submit rink information, please send us a support ticket.

  9. For which countries does RosterZ currently list ice rinks?
    1. Albania
    2. Algeria
    3. Andorra
    4. Argentina
    5. Armenia
    6. Australia
    7. Austria
    8. Azerbaijan
    9. Azores
    10. Bahamas
    11. Bahrain
    12. Belarus
    13. Belize
    14. Bosnia and Herzegovina
    15. Brazil
    16. Brunei
    17. Bulgaria
    18. Canada
    19. Canary Islands
    20. Chile
    21. China
    22. Colombia
    23. Costa Rica
    24. Croatia
    25. Cyprus
    26. Czech Republic
    27. Denmark
    28. Ecuador
    29. Egypt
    30. England
    31. Estonia
    32. Finland
    33. France
    34. Germany
    35. Georgia
    36. Gibraltar
    37. Greece
    38. Greenland
    39. Hungary
    40. Iceland
    41. India
    42. Indonesia
    43. Iran
    44. Ireland
    45. Italy
    46. Ivory Coast
    47. Japan
    48. Kazakhstan
    49. Kenya
    50. Kuwait
    51. Kyrgyzstan
    52. Latvia
    53. Lebanon
    54. Libya
    55. Liechtenstein
    56. Lithuania
    57. Luxembourg
    58. Macedonia
    59. Malaysia
    60. Mexico
    61. Moldova
    62. Monaco
    63. Mongolia
    64. Montenegro
    65. Morocco
    66. Namibia
    67. Nepal
    68. Netherlands
    69. New Zealand
    70. Nigeria
    71. North Korea
    72. Northern Ireland
    73. Norway
    74. Oman
    75. Pakistan
    76. Philippines
    77. Poland
    78. Portugal
    79. Romania
    80. Russia
    81. Saudi Arabia
    82. Scotland
    83. Serbia
    84. Singapore
    85. Slovakia
    86. Slovenia
    87. South Africa
    88. South Korea
    89. Spain
    90. Sri Lanka
    91. Sweden
    92. Switzerland
    93. Syria
    94. Taiwan
    95. Tajikistan
    96. Thailand
    97. Tibet
    98. Tunisia
    99. Turkey
    100. Turkmenistan
    101. Ukraine
    102. United Arab Emirates
    103. United States
    104. Uzbekistan
    105. Venezuela
    106. Wales

  10. I'd like to submit some information on a rink that is not listed or update information about an existing a rink. Who do I contact?
    1. Send us a support ticket. and we will update the database. We would like to keep the information on the rinks current to support our skaters. Thank you in advance for helping.

  11. How do I get started using RosterZ?
    1. Starting is easy. Just go to your Facebook home page and add the RosterZ application to your Facebook page.
    2. If you do not yet have a Facebook account, you can open a Facebook account at http://www.facebook.com.

  12. How do I get friends and teammates to use RosterZ?
    1. Once you have added the RosterZ application to your FaceBook account, you can invite friends and teammates by clicking on the "Invite your Friends to use RosterZ" button at http://apps.facebook.com/rosterz.

  13. How do I find a pick-up hockey game on RosterZ?
    1. Once you have added RosterZ to your Facebook page, enter your local postal zip code and then search for a pick-up game within a 50 mile radius of your home.
    2. Note that your zip code is required to enable the search features within RosterZ.

  14. How do I add my hockey game to RosterZ?
    1. Find your rink, go to your rink's page and select "Create a game" and then add the information about your game to the RosterZ application, including details such as date, time, location, frequency, number of skaters allowed and a personal description or comment, if you wish.

  15. Why should I add my phone number or SMS / text message address to my profile?
    1. This information entirely is optional. In the event of a late change or cancellation of a game (such as when the rink closes due to refrigeration issues or weather), we want the game manager to have the ability to contact you before you drive to the rink. Soon, we hope to add a feature to enable game managers to send a single text message to all players on a roster.

  16. Why should I provide my address?
    1. This information is optional. The RosterZ search engine is based on Euclidian distance (as the Black Hawk flies). By providing your address, we can better calculate the distances from your home to the rinks. (See privacy policy below, if concerned)
    2. With your complete address, RosterZ can provide you with a complete list of all the ice rinks within a 50 mile radius of your address and the distances to those rinks. RosterZ will also provide you with detailed maps and driving directions to any rink you choose.
    3. In order to generate driving directions to a rink, the mapping applications requires an address to use as a starting point.

  17. Why is the number of games played important?
    1. The number of games played indicates a player's seniority rank for a specific game. Similar to an ebay profile, the more you participate in a particular game, the higher your seniority rank will be.

  18. How is a player's seniority determined?
    1. Each time you participate in a specific game, RosterZ will add 1 point to your "Games Played" total for that specific game. However, the game manager has the right to lower your total if you sign-up and then do not show-up or if you show-up but do not pay-up.

  19. What are the benefits of tracking a player's game played?
    1. With the RosterZ seniority ranking system, regular participation is rewarded. Since a player's seniority increases each time a player participates in a game, the seniority system makes it possible for a group of regulars to gain priority access to a specific game as these regular players will have earned their seniority. Occasional players will have moderate seniority and can usually make the cut. Rookies and the most recent players to join will start with the seniority rank of zero games played and work their way up each time they skate. In this way, regular participation is rewarded.

  20. What does the maximum number of players mean?
    1. The maximum number of players is the total number of players that the game manager will allow to participate in a specific game, usually between 15-24 players each game, depending on the number of floaters allowed.

  21. What does the minimum number of players mean?
    1. The minimum number of players is the total number of players that the game manager requires in order to reserve or pay for the ice time. If the minimum number of players is not reached, the game could be cancelled as game manager may not be able to reserve the ice, or, the rink may not stay open.

  22. What is the "My Watch List" Tab?
    1. Similar to Ebay's watch list, "My Watch List" is a place for you to monitor some of the area pick-up games so that you can choose the best games for yourself to join.

  23. What is the "My Games" Tab?
    1. The "My Games" tab is your personal list of upcoming pick-up games that you have joined for the next week.

  24. What is the cut-off line on the roster mean?
    1. The roster cut-off line indicates the list of players on the roster who have made the cut for that specific game. This number is pre-determined by the game manager. Players above the line at the registration deadline have made the cut.
    2. If the maximum number of players is 20 players and 25 players sign-up for the game, the roster cut-off line will be placed between player #20 and player #21 on the roster. Only the maximum number of players designated by the game manager (in this case 20) will make the cut and be allowed to skate.
    3. If a player withdraws from the list before the registration deadline, every player of lower seniority will move up one spot and the next player on the list will make the cut.
    4. If the maximum number of goaltenders is 2 and 3 goalies sign-up, the 2 goalies with the most games played will make the cut. In this way, game managers can build a depth chart of available goaltenders. Again, this number is pre-determined by the game manager.

  25. What is the preferred position?
    1. The preferred position menu indicates to the game manager what position you prefer to play. It is not intended to be a commitment of any kind, unless of course, you are a goalie.

  26. What if I like to skate out but can also play goalie on occasion?
    1. We are collecting this information for an upcoming feature. If you prefer to skate out but are willing to play goalie if needed, designate your preferred position in your profile as LW, C, RW, LD or RD depending on your preference. Then, also check the "Backup Goalie" box below the preferred position menu so that the game manager can call you if an additional goalie is needed on short notice.
    2. This is not intended to be a commitment of any kind, unless of course, you are a goalie.

  27. What is the registration deadline?
    1. The registration deadline is the final time at which you can join a particular game.
    2. For example, if a game starts at 9pm, the game manager may set the registration deadline for 7pm. A player will need to sign-up for the game before the registration deadline of 7pm to join that game. After the registration deadline passes, the roster is frozen. In this way, the game manager will know how many skaters intend to participate, in advance of the game.
    3. Additionally, those players who sign-up for a game in advance of the registration deadline are prioritized ahead of late walk-ins.
    4. Furthermore, the game manager can choose to charge walk-ins a higher fee than those who sign-up online, again, encouraging more skaters to sign-up in advance.

  28. I signed up early, but now, I'm near the bottom of the roster. Why?
    1. By default, RosterZ will sort the players for any game by seniority. So, if you join for a game where you have only participated in that particular game 5 times, and then a dozen regular players join the game after you and they all have greater seniority, they will be placed above you on the roster. As long as you are above the cut-off line, you will still be allowed to participate in the game.

  29. If I joined for a game and can not participate, may I remove myself from the roster?
    1. Yes, a player may withdraw from a particular game at any time prior to the registration deadline, without penalty.

  30. What is the difference between an auto-approval game and a manual approval game?
    1. When a game manager selects the open game option, this means that any player can join the game online.
    2. This setting is used for "open pick-up games" as well as public skating sessions.
    3. When a game manager selects the "approval" option, a player will have to be pre-approved by the game manager before joining a game. This setting is used for "private games" such as intramural games, inner-squad games, club games and pick-up games with age restrictions or other participation restrictions.

  31. How do I manage a regular recurring game?
    1. When joining a game, go to the recurring game field and select from the options: one time, daily, weekly, bi-weekly monthly, yearly or TBD (To Be Determined). Your game will then renew itself the day after it is played and players can sign-up again.
    2. You can also upload a group or team picture and add it to the page for your pick-up game.

  32. If I need help setting up an ice hockey game or a pick-up game, who should I contact?
    1. Click here to contact RosterZ Support. We'd be happy to assist.

  33. What is an Atom/RSS Feed?
    1. An Atom feed or an RSS feed is an easy way to receive a notification in your email box or your web browser that a web page has changed. If you receive your Atom or RSS feeds in your email box (such as with Apple Mail), you will receive a notification in your email box when there has been a change to the roster, when a message from the game manager has been posted or when a comment has been added from another skater.

  34. Why should I choose to use RosterZ rather than some other league management software?
    1. RosterZ has been designed by hockey players for hockey players. We don't try to do every sport. We want to stay simple and are committed to doing one thing well, help you manage ice time.
    2. Additionally, RosterZ is a hosted, web application. Thus, there is no software to install or manage.
    3. And don't forget, RosterZ is free.

  35. What is your privacy policy?
    1. As RosterZ is a Facebook application, our privacy policy is dictated by and consistent with Facebook's privacy policy. However, we try to do a little better.

  36. What are the terms of use of RosterZ?
    1. You can read the TOU here.

  37. After reviewing the FAQ, I still have questions. Who should I contact?
    1. Click here to contact RosterZ Support and we'd be happy to answer your questions.

  38. When was this FAQ published?
    1. This version of the FAQ was published on November 1st, 2010.